Professional contracting

We offer the production of welded steel structures based on a Client’s order, their delivery to the building site and assembly of these steel structures. Along with the cooperating companies we have all necessary equipment for the comprehensive services, even of very large investments.

Structures production

Every structure that leaves our factory carries the CE mark and is produced in compliance with PN-EN 1090-2 standard. We have Execution Classes up to EXC4, which indicates that our steel structures meet the highest of quality requirements.                                                                                                           


Including mechanical and thermal cutting, stamping, drilling, milling and grinding.


MIG/MAG welding with the application of solid wires and flux-cored wires



Blast cleaning of metallurgical materials up to SA 3                                                         


Corrosion protection from C-1 to C5M, fire protection and Duplex system protection