Blast cleaning of metallurgical materials up to SA 3

We offer blast cleaning by means of shot-blasting and sandblasting of metal elements: steel sections, metal sheets, steel structures and other metal elements. During the blast cleaning and after it, these elements are being subjected to the detailed examination allowing to determine parameters which are essential for a high quality of anticorrosive coatings.

We own:

– automatic shot-blasting machine for material pre-cleaning before cutting process (of max. height of shot-blasted material)

– 900 mm; max. width of shot-blasted element – 2500 mm; max. material weight – 500 kg/m

– blast cleaning room (with max. size of shot-blasted element: 2450 mm x 5300 mm x 3200mm)

– high efficiency mobile equipment for dry sandblasting and wet sandblasting (hydro-sandblasting)

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