Including mechanical and thermal cutting, stamping, drilling, milling and grinding.

We perform metalworking on material either provided by the customer or using our own material – everything at the Client’s request.

We have very precise premium machines for plasma cutting of metal sheets. Cutting is carried out by using CNC technology (computer control system), in all three dimensions, which enables precise bevelling and chamfering of metal sheets with accuracy of ± 0,1 mm.

We own:

– Sapphire CNC cutting machine; oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, plasma routing, drilling; max. material thickness – 200 mm and max. material width – 7 000 mm

– CNC Peddinghaus drilling machine; max. material thickness – 150 mm, min. material thickness – 6mm, max. material length – 18 288 mm, max. material weight – 8 165 kg or 447 kg/m, min. drilling diameter – 8 mm, max. drilling diameter – 40 mm;

– radial drilling machines; max. drilling diameter – 50 mm

– bandsaws; max. size – 600 mm x 440 mm

– punch press machine; max. material thickness – 16 mm

Workpieces can be subjected to the further processing in terms of welding, milling, shot-blasting and corrosion protection.

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